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Trust Research Services Ltd - Unclaimed asset recovery

Trust Research Services Ltd - Unclaimed asset...

Has anyone heard of/used Trust Research Services Ltd to recover unclaimed assets. A client has received a letter from the company offering to recover an unclaimed and unspecified asset. The company offers to recover such assets on a no success/no fee basis.

Can anyone comment on the company's service, please?

Colin Antrobus


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By admin
16th Jan 2002 11:00

trust research services ltd
I have recieved a letter from this company, however is there any way of checking out that who and what they are?

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By admin
15th Jan 2002 18:15

Trust Research Services
I received letters from this organisation a year or so again claining, like you, to have found assets and offering to recover them on a n no win no fee basis.

Sceptical as I am, I accepted the offer to obtain references to their solicitors and, following the result, I appointed them to act.

Trust Research Staff wrote to me fully outlining the details of the asets concerned and provided me with all of the relevant claim documents and I received a cheque for over £15,000 relating to an investment that I had long since lost track of.

I received an invoice for payment after the transaction was completed.

All in all, I found their service to be very professional and have no qualms about recommending their services.

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By admin
14th Jul 2001 11:50

Trust research Services Ltd
I too would be interested in this as they have contacted an employee of mine, once in 1998 and again in 2001.

Has anyone used them?

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