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Trying to decide on payroll software

Trying to decide on payroll software

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I have been doing some research into payroll software.I was looking at cloud software but as we are fully networked so it could be multiuser software.

We have 6 retail locations currently sending spreadsheets to me which I then check and send on to our outside accountants. I have realised this is rather inefficient and I am capable of bringing payroll inhouse and hopefully . Long term we might have to invest in time clocking system which would integrate but medium term I just want to bring payroll in house and then I could switch to something with more bells and whistles later.

Two companies ( only 3 employees in one and circa 100 employees per year in the other (incl leavers))

Wish list ( not essential):

- Only other requirement would be restricted multi user - so that they could only see and input for their location.

- Basic HR functions

We use sage accounts so I am going down that route at the moment but rather expensive compared to some of the cheaper options - Do I need to go with Sage?

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By Captainblack
27th Jan 2012 18:39

SaaS (Cloud Solution) Option

Look at as a cost-effective cloud based, SAAS Solution.

Used it successfully for years.


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By PeterForest
02nd Feb 2012 10:43


I am a Software Developer who specialises in Sage Software.

I could offer a solution where each outlet could enter timesheet information over the internet using Zoho Creator ( and this could integrate with your on site Sage Payroll.

I believe this could offer you a very effective (in terms of price and functionality) solution.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you believe this could be of interest.


[email protected]

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By NeilSeekings
02nd Feb 2012 10:52

MyPAYE online Payroll

A low cost simple to use online solution.

hope this helps

Kind regards


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By Fijon158
02nd Feb 2012 11:14

Payroll system

I would recommend Payroll manager. Very user friendly and not too expensive 

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By mrkrvs
02nd Feb 2012 11:42

Payroll System

I have been using earnie ( for a number of years.

It has a spreadsheet import module that means my other sites can send me excel spreadsheets saving me the need to re-enter the data.

It is simple to use and the support is excellent.

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By RogerNeale
02nd Feb 2012 19:08


I would definitely recommend that you look at where you can sign up for a free trial.

MyPAYE does exactly what you have asked for with security for mutiple users, in different locations, being able to enter their own hours leaving the Payroll team to do the calculations, make the payments and send the payslips by email.


It really is an excellent system.


Roger Neale
Business Systems Consultant
Perkeo Computer Systems Ltd

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Replying to jcace:
By neilson.watts
06th Feb 2012 11:56

Why not join the 7.5million employees are paid by Sage Payroll s

“Why not come to Sage….one of the leading Payroll providers in the UK….1 in 4 employees in the UK are paid by a Sage Payroll solution”

Sage 50 Payroll is an easy to use and flexible payroll solution that ensures you stay up to date with the latest payroll legislation whilst ensuring confidence of submitting data to HMRC.  It can handle 1 to unlimited employees, single or multiple companies with the multi-user and network capability.

We can handle all the fundamentals of payroll including calculating PAYE, NIC and statutory payments such as sick or maternity pay.  You can print payslips, P60s and be confident that we have a near 100% success rate submitting year end returns to HMRC (99.85% in the 2010/2011 tax year).

We have the ability to import and export CSV files from and to Excel, pay employees and HMRC electronically and have basic HR elements such as Statements of Employment, Appraisal and Disciplinary Records…….

Why not join the 7.5million employees are paid by Sage Payroll solutions.

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