TUPE and starter checklist?

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Hi there,

I work at a business that has recently changed owners and all employees were/are being transferred through TUPE.

We have now worked there for a month with payday coming up soon and we were sent an email asking to fill in a form asap and return it. The form in question is the HMRC Starter checklist. 

I am a little confused by this as surely with us being transferred, the new owners should have all the details of the employees who have transferred over due to TUPE such as payment details and NI number etc? 

They have also changed the company name so I don’t know if the form is meant to be filled in because of this. 

Any information that could help me understand will be great. 

Thanks in advance 

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By SteveHa
27th Nov 2018 08:37

They are probably being over-cautious, but yes, you are right, they should have the necessary P45 details to ensure a seamless transition.

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By Peter Kilvington
27th Nov 2018 10:21

I recently handled a TUPE and found that the information provided by the previous owners was not as good as it could be ..... out of date addresses, missing DOB's etc so I sent new starter forms out to everyone with an explanation that the new owners were checking the TUPE details. Nothing sinister just ensuring the payroll details were correct.

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