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TUPEd employees on 2nd April, who provides P60?

I have TUPE'd 22 employees on 2nd Apil 2020 and need to know obligation for reporting

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I have TUPEd 22 monthly paid employees on 2nd April (with responsibility to pay them for 1st April).  As they will not have a payment from me in the 19/20 tax year, but are effectively my employees at the end of the year with full resposibility for them, am I responsible for producing the P60s? 

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By paul.benny
06th Apr 2020 13:27

What was in the agreement by which you gained the employees? I would have expected that to deal with obligations such as that.

Easiest is for the former employer to produce P60. I suppose the former employer could create them as leavers, you could bring them all onto your payroll on 2 April and produce P60 today but that seems like unnecessary additional work for all.

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Replying to paul.benny:
By nig24
06th Apr 2020 19:08

The agreement didn't specifically deal with P60 production and to be honest it wasn't something that occurred to me until after the event. It just moved the employees to me on 2nd April .
Thanks for your response.

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By Duggimon
06th Apr 2020 14:13

nig24 wrote:
(with responsibility to pay them for 1st April). 

nig24 wrote:

As they will not have a payment from me in the 19/20 tax year

These two statements are mutually exclusive.

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Replying to Duggimon:
By nig24
06th Apr 2020 14:29

Are they?
They will be paid by me for 1st April but not until 30th April, so in the new tax year. I included the detail that I am responsible for that payment in an attempt to clarify that no further payments are due from the previous employer.

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By tom123
07th Apr 2020 08:48

Presumably the former employer (who ran month 12) has all the info to do the P60s, and you don't?

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