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TV Production company accounting package

TV Production company accounting package

I am the accountant for a small TV production company. We are looking to install a new accounting package to deal with our various project expenditure and also allocating income to various partners. Any suggestions? 


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27th Jul 2012 17:41

Various options

There are various options depending on your budget:

1. Quickbooks using clsses to track each production. Cheap but time consuming as it will require using spreadsheets to prepare reports for reporting to the TV companies. Some transactions will need to be entered twice (e.g. a recovery invoice is a sales invoice for the company but a purchase invoice for the production). The user needs to be very good at Quickbooks and also under stand production accounting.

2. Iris Exchequer - quite good but a big set up cost. You need to get a reseller that has done it for another production company and therefore know what they are doing when setting up for you.

3. PMS - a company in London is doing this bolt on for Sage Enterprise (or Sage 1000 or whatever it is called now). Very powerful but very expensive. Once properly trained, a lot of the work and most of the production reporting gets done by production managers instead of the accountants so it is liked by the accounts depts of a few large production companies that I act for. I would not recommend it for a small production company.

4. My hated option - use Sage 50 with separate datasets for each production and consolidate at the year end. Many small TV production companies use this option. It is very inefficient.

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03rd May 2016 17:32

Project/Dept reporting


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