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Two clients who've gone overseas

Should I notify my insurer?

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My insurance says the geographical limits and jurisdiction of my insurance are worldwide excluding USA/Canada.

One client is a UK national and relocated last year for 3 years to Singapore. He and his family will return to the UK after that.

Other client is an NZ national who spent some years in the UK before relocating permanently to NZ last year.

I assume I am therefore covered to do any UK tax return for either. I will advise both, where necessary, that I won't be responsible for the tax rules in either NZ or Singapore.

Should I be bovvered about anything else insurance wise?


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By meadowsaw227
07th Sep 2020 10:30

As soon as a client moves abroad I disengage, too much hassle otherwise.

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By cbp99
07th Sep 2020 12:45


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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
07th Sep 2020 15:02

Id not be bovvered myself so long as you are only dealing with the UK elements, eg letting out their old UK property and there is nothing in your policy preventing you from acting.

I quite like non-resident clients as they tend to be quite smart and motivated people. It takes some considerably guts to move country and the UK requirements tend to be minimal, all of mine just need UK lettings income reported.

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By Moonbeam
07th Sep 2020 18:17

Thank you for your replies.

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Red Leader
By Red Leader
08th Sep 2020 08:44

My take on those type of clients is this. Two types.

Client X: UK res then moves abroad for work for a few years. Complications can arise:
Year 1: split year
Year 2: non-UK res, but how many days in UK, how many ties?
Year 3: ditto
Year 4: returns to UK, split year.

Client Y: long-term non-res. How to treat other UK income, e.g. UK state pension, UK private pension, etc? Good understanding of the country-specific DTA required.

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Replying to Red Leader:
By Moonbeam
08th Sep 2020 09:34

Thank you for such a detailed comment.
I really would rather stick with UK only people.
I'm concerned about complications, and you've worried me more (Thank you - that's a good thing!)
I'm tempted to tell NZ client that I need to disengage.

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