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Two Days Late


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Has anyone else had the late April Fool's from our overlords the ICAEW? Two days late. Can't believe their tardiness.

As IF they'd pick such a shite logo. 


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03rd Apr 2017 10:48

I like it.

A lady sticking two fingers up at HMRC.

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By mrme89
to lionofludesch
03rd Apr 2017 10:53

I thought she was holding some kind of light sabre.

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03rd Apr 2017 11:36

Great, a vast sum of money for zooming in on the previous logo a bit.

And making it grey.

Such a standout colour.

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03rd Apr 2017 11:48

Paid for by the sale of the cello case, no doubt.

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03rd Apr 2017 11:57

Looks more like the Institute of Chartered 'airdressers in England and Wales.

The red scissors, the broom handle and no sign of a spreadsheet anywhere!

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to alan.rolfe
03rd Apr 2017 12:03

I like how they've decided sticking the red scissors inside a lightbulb and on an electrical socket is cool. Great continuity.

(I thought it was an old protractor or something).

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03rd Apr 2017 13:05

I thought she'd just snapped a bloodied bident in half.

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03rd Apr 2017 13:16

Looks like an aspirant to membership of the freemasons

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03rd Apr 2017 14:33

It surely has to be divining rods.

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03rd Apr 2017 15:19

A big pair of tweezers, I thought.

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03rd Apr 2017 15:57

Punting, while holding chopsticks.

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03rd Apr 2017 16:40


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03rd Apr 2017 16:53

Makes my ACCA branding debacle of a few years ago look good now. Not sure where the bloodied V has been removed from but the big stick must be something to do with it.

Unless it's a visual metaphor for the blood, sweat and tears needed to force MTD down a funnel of SME inability. Can't be done, even with a big stick.

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By NeilRH
04th Apr 2017 09:24

I feel your shame and your pain, but you're not to blame!

The new CIMA "branding" is no better, though it is a rather dull "corporate" take on things compared to sticking two fingers up!

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10th Apr 2017 09:25

Poor girl looks as if she has been almost cut in half.

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10th Apr 2017 12:48

Is she not holding chop sticks to appeal to our Chinese brothers we are so eager to please.

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24th Apr 2017 10:31

I genuinely thought the "new branding" was an April Fool's joke when I saw it...

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13th Jun 2017 16:21

As a specialist in IT, this logo takes us firmly back to ye days of auld. I will not be using it. Indeed I reluctantly renewed my ICAEW membership only days before the logo was announced. Had I seen the logo earlier, I wouldn't have bothered. An Institute charging more for less, clearly out of touch with the needs of its members.

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