Two months to go ....

How are we all doing with the 2017 SA returns ?

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With two months to go, I've just made a list of outstanding returns.  Same old names on it, I could've photocopied last year's list.

Waiting for signature (either in the post or client to call in).   5

Ready to discuss, or waiting for trivial bits of information     4

Books in - in various states of progress                                   7

Client thinks it's too early to bring in books just yet               7

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By Chipette
27th Nov 2017 18:20

In the latter category I have the ones that have acknowledged my emails (at least it gives me an indication that I still have the right contact email) ; and the same 2 individuals who every single year ignore me until the last minute...

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
27th Nov 2017 18:31

196 filed
24 out for sig or not paid
46 in progress (mainly not started)
53 not in, but some of those wont come back, so say 40 to come, 5-10 of those will be late filed as they always are. Clients problem, not mine.

so 70% done in 8 out of 10 months, is OK. I am generally happy I wont be doing silly hours in Jan although I probably have more left then I normally do right now. I do aim to do all of them before end of December and just do the stragglers in Jan but I may still be doing thing that have come in in late November in jan which is not ideal.

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David Winch
By David Winch
27th Nov 2017 18:38

It's the time of year when I am especially glad that I don't do accounts preparation or tax return work!

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Replying to davidwinch:
paddle steamer
27th Nov 2017 18:44

But remember your own.

My company accounts and CT600 and my personal return always seem to be the ones I do at Christmas (31.3.17 company year end)

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By marks
27th Nov 2017 20:46

82 completed or with client
10 with me to review and send out
50 WIP
94 still to come in

So about a 1/3 of the way through which is probably ahead of where we were the same time last year.

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By SteveRA
27th Nov 2017 21:03

Gosh, that’s a scary position to be in marks. My figures are remarkably similar to lion’s. Same people every year, I am not even going to chase the worst offenders till after Christmas.

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By Accounts12
27th Nov 2017 22:10

We have about 75 to go and seem to be in the same place to where I was this time last year with them, but have more staff now so fingers crossed it won't be as painful as previous years although I'm already looking forward to February as truly am sick of self assessments by then!

However I am getting so fed up of sending reminder emails to clients to provide me with their records, no matter how many times I repeat myself to say let's try and get it done before Christmas so you know what you need to pay, apparently that is just not enough of a incentive to make the time to get their records across to me!

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By Manchester_man
28th Nov 2017 01:41

I've got around 23 to go. Not too bad.

What I do have this year is people taking longer to sign and return accounts / returns etc, despite everything being e-signable.

1 client has had his rental accounts explained to him during a meeting (very straightforward) and was happy. I made a couple of amendments (after he found some additional invoices) and sent everything to him for e-signature together with my bill and 10 weeks later - still waiting. I had an email from him 4 weeks ago saying he hasn't had chance to go through them yet.

I wouldn't mind - this guy earns 150K on PAYE and my fee is pigging £450, yet he still hasn't paid.

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By Mr_awol
28th Nov 2017 09:07

I've done a fair chunk of mine, but have remaining on my list:
25 with client for signature
41 in progress
108 not even started (although may have done accounts for some of these, and a p'ship with four partners shows on my list as five Returns).

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Man of Kent
By Kent accountant
28th Nov 2017 09:37

Jeez whats the rush...?

Is that me talking or the clients?

...about 100 to do - that's fine.

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Replying to Kent accountant:
Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
28th Nov 2017 09:45

Come on Kent get your skates on your topping the league with 100 still to finish.

I did most of mine early so only have a few left to do.
Still chocka busy though March and April year ends that need doing then current year inputting into Xero.

I am hoping to be tax return free before Christmas.

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Replying to Glennzy:
Man of Kent
By Kent accountant
28th Nov 2017 11:46


(Said in my best stroppy teenager impersonation)

I'll knock off 6-7 today and another 20 or so this week.

Probably be down to about 25 by start of January.

Did mine and Mrs KA's earlier (in truth they've been ready for 7 months).

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Replying to Glennzy:
By Mr_awol
28th Nov 2017 16:43

Marks is 'winning' according to his last post. I've got just under 150 left and he's got just over that.

I reckon about a dozen of mine wont go but the rest should.

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By rhino83
28th Nov 2017 09:40

We're behind a bit on last year by about 50 o/s.

Numbers roughly
450 complete
50 out for signatures
350 to do.

We have had extra delays this year waiting for P60's to come in. Normally we would have rung HMRC for these figures but this year we are still chasing clients.

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Red Leader
By Red Leader
28th Nov 2017 11:46

59% returns done and sent to the client.

It would be more but I'm writing this fr199ing post!

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By accountantccole
28th Nov 2017 13:11

So glad the later people joined in! I was panicking that I am the only one with 100+ to do. I think we are ahead of last year and the team is getting quicker and stronger so feel more in control than last year. The flip chart paper is already stuck to the wall with post it notes on......the plan is in place!

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By Tornado
28th Nov 2017 13:28

I would like to reply to this thread but I am too busy!

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