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Two paye schemes?

Can an employer set up a second PAYE scheme to segregate staff?

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I have a client we run payroll for.  They want to separate two employees and deal with their payroll themselves, rather than incur more fees (it's a small charity so pennies count) but HMRC have told them they can only segregate them with effect from April by completing a form PC50 - they were told they cannot open a second PAYE scheme.  We would therefore have to include them in our main payroll until April when they would take over.

I've seen many times where a duplicate paye scheme had to be closed, so how can that be if HMRC won't allow us to set up a second scheme?

All advice welcome, thank you


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By zarar
30th Aug 2018 15:07

Surely the software they will need to buy will outweigh any cost benefit?

Sorry I know that's not what you asked.

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Replying to zarar:
By matttaxnpayroll
30th Aug 2018 15:17

I assume they'll be using HMRC's basic PAYE tools which is free.

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
30th Aug 2018 18:20

You can have 2 PAYE schemes. Suggest another call to HMRC and hope someone else answers the phone.

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By Moonbeam
31st Aug 2018 14:01

I used to run the Director's payroll for a company using the same payroll scheme as the finance manager used for his payroll for the bulk of the staff=200 people.
I don't remember any special requests to HMRC.

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