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Uber drivers

Uber driver income statements

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I have a new client an Uber driver, I am trying to understand the income statements, I ask the client questions, but he really has no idea what it's all about. I have googled it and also looked at the statements by logging in to the driver portal, but it's not a lot of use providing an explanation. Can anyone who has Uber clients help with an explanation, please?

Below is a typical statement breakdown.

FARE BREAKDOWN Gross Uber ride fares £5,134.38 Split fare £1.20 Tolls £7.00 Miscellaneous £90.00 Airport fee £6.00 Clean Air Fee £314.30 Total £5,552.88 OTHER INCOME BREAKDOWN Miscellaneous £418.00. The question is, is the other miscellaneous income also added to the gross fare or is it already included

OTHER POTENTIAL DEDUCTIONS Uber rides service fee £1,270.41 Clean Air Fee £314.30 On Trip Mileage 3495 km 

I know that the Uber fees come off as an expense along with the clean air fee and I would convert the km to miles and claim the mileage as an expense, and surely the tolls and airport fee. Thank you.

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By SXGuy
13th Jan 2021 19:27

I'd say add it to the gross. Its most likely tips

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By frankfx
13th Jan 2021 20:11

This is an example of the help section on Uber.

I fear that you may incur considerable time costs comprehending the Uber statements.

Out of interest do they produce a 12 month statement?
Or date range reports.

The mileage or km figure, is that the engaged mileage?

There may be other , allowable,mileage between engagements?

Are you convinced the pence per mile expense route is best?

Of course the client may already be stuck with that until a vehicle change.

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Replying to frankfx:
14th Jan 2021 10:33

Thank you for your help, They do produce an annual statement but from Jan to Jan, this client is April to April so I have to take the monthly ones. The milage is from each monthly statement so I take it as the engaged miles. If the client hasn't already elected mileage or running costs I would work out what's best and stick with that until reviewing on vehicle change. The costs of insurance can be huge for some of them. I have already spent an age on the statements trying to make sense of them, it also doesn't help that the driver has no clue how it works and is not bothered as long as he gets paid.

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By ash428
13th Jan 2021 21:30

The other income is usually referral fees or bonuses paid. We would generally add this to the gross fares.

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By Truthsayer
14th Jan 2021 12:22

All those bits and bobs add up to £418.50, and the miscellaneous figure is £418.00. That looks merely like a near coincidence. If the latter was a total of the former, the figures would be the same to the penny. The £418.00 looks very much like the tips figure, considering the size relative to the fares, especially as people nearly always tip in whole pounds.

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