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UK bank account for non-res directors

UK bank account for non-resident directors of UK company

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The directors of a UK limited company, which has been dormant for many years, wish to resurrect the trading activities and open a company UK bank account. However, there are two directors and they are Ugandan so I am finding it a little difficult. Do any contributors have experience of a bank which is more receptive to opening an account. The directors know that they will need to come to the UK for identification purposes. Neither of them have UK citizenship.

Thanks for any help.


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By Matrix
03rd Dec 2018 12:17

Are they also the shareholders? If they have passed your AML procedures then I expect they would be able to also pass those of a UK bank when they are here. I don't know which banks set up accounts where there are no UK resident Directors, do a search on here since it has been asked before (with limited results I believe).

Not sure why they have a UK company when it will not be managed and controlled here, I assume you are happy with addressing the international tax issues and have discussed with their Ugandan advisers.

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03rd Dec 2018 15:54

Thanks for your reply Matrix.

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