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UK Branch Consolidation

How do i prepare the consolidated accounts of 2 UK branches

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I have just started to work for a company who has 2 branches who prepare their own financial statements. my question is do i consolidate as i would if it was a parent comapany and a subsidary for example eliminating the related reveue, cost of goods sold and the profits. 



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By Accountant A
15th Jun 2019 16:14

Probably - but the best idea would be to (a) see what your predecessor did, (b) read the accounting procedures manual and (c) ask your line manager.

If you get it wrong and say you did what some internet random told you, your employer wouldn't be too impressed, I suspect.

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Replying to Accountant A:
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By thevaliant
17th Jun 2019 10:40


I'd ask for clarification as well. What country is this 'company' based in? Is it the case that these branches are just that?

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