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UK company relocating its head office

Tax deductible costs of CT600?

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Morning AW,

We have a client  (limited co. with 2 company directors) who run a UK limtied company with warehouse facilities / operations in the UK - the head office i.e just to two company directors are moving from the UK to the US to base themselves , whilst the UK operation continues in the UK - my question is, are the relocation costs of the two directors to the US tax deductible with the UK company accounts - items in question are childs school fees and cost of renting a house - my gut feeling on this is that they are not allowable expenses - with the only allowable expenses being up to £8k including actual moving / transfer costs. I just wanted a second opinion really, any thoughts?

Many thanks JmB

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By Anonymous.
18th Sep 2020 11:35

What is the commercial rationale for the move?

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By Matrix
18th Sep 2020 11:54

I expect the payment of the costs would be deductible but taxed as remuneration for the Directors. I assume the company and Directors have sought local advice and I would strongly suggest you speak to their US adviser if you haven’t already.

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