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UK Company trading globally

UK Company trading globally

UK Company
Shareholders One UK National 50% : One Australian 50%
Company provides IT services around the globe

1. Remuneration ' it is proposed to pay salaries in uk.

UK director seems straightforward but what if he is absent for more than a tax year.
What is the Australian's tax situation if he does/ doesn't visit UK?

2.Expenses ' what is the situation regarding expenses while outside the UK?
It has been suggested that a tax-free allowance of £60 per Diem had been agreed when in a previous employment. Is this just a matter of negotiation with local tax office?
There will inevitably be a lot of airfares / hotel accommodation / subsistence as the business is carried out in short assignments around the world.

3. VAT ' presumably any input tax paid in UK eg on leased computer equipment etc can be reclaimed.
What about output tax.

Any other complications?

I am clearly going through the reference books and don't expect all the answers on a plate but any info / warnings would be very much appreciated.



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23rd Aug 2000 22:20

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