UK /eu company - taxation

UK/ EU company - taxation

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Hi. I have a client who wants to open a UK company but cooperate with Polish company. They suggested that he needs to open subsidiary company in Poland as they want to pay him in their local currency.  How do you account and tax these two companies? Just to make sure I understand the latest directives after Brexit- can we tax and account for both companies in the UK? 

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By David Ex
10th Nov 2023 10:20

If this isn’t something within your area of expertise, probably worth buying in specialist advice - UK and possibly Polish.

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By Tax Dragon
10th Nov 2023 10:28

Are these people he wants to cooperate with customers or business partners?

Either way, I agree with David.

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By paul.benny
10th Nov 2023 13:12

Sounds like Polish company is just to save Client's customer having to make cross-border payments (and possibly not having to deal with cross-border VAT).

Whilst I agree with others recommending specialist advice, I think you need to understand the purpose and rationale of the Polish company. And also the nature of the business.

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