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UK Global Tariffs 1 January 2021

UK Global Tariffs 1 January 2021

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Looking at most UK Global Traiffs as from 1st January, UK businesses will be put at disadvantage as Tariffs start as from 0%, which will encourage imports, do you agree? What about Tariff rates on exports as from 1st January?




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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
21st May 2020 09:47

I think the "brains" behind all of this misunderstand the point of tariffs. We can have no tariffs at all if we want to and have a 100% open house on imports but there are huge consequences of doing that.

Just like they completely misunderstand the EU and remain baffled why the EU says "non" to their proposals.

I think of it like GCSE level thinking vs a double First at Oxford. Unfortunately our boys are still struggling to get a "C" at GCSE on this topic and the EU are dancing around us laughing at our ineptidue.

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