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UK listed shares held offshore in brokers account

UK non resident

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In general, UK situs assets will be subject to IHT whether UK resident or not.

Where a non resident holds shares in a brokers nominee account outside of the UK will they be considered not UK situs as it is the broker that holds the shares as opposed to the individual.

It is always best to use an offshore company but many non residents oppose this due to the related costs.

It would be interesting to hear what peoples thoughts are.

Many thanks


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By johngroganjga
10th Sep 2019 11:58

I am not sure how shares can be in a particular location. The share certificates might be, but they are not the shares. The shares are the rights the owners of them have.

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Red Leader
By Red Leader
10th Sep 2019 12:01

A share is a “non-UK asset” if the share is registered outside the UK.

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Replying to Red Leader:
By johngroganjga
10th Sep 2019 12:16

Does that mean where the company in which the shares are held is incorporated?

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