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My company is dorment, I want to start trading. But have now moved to PT. Can I keep the company in UK, worried about Permanent Establishment. If this makes a difference I would like to sell to Spain and maybe Portugal too but selling in PT may make it more difficult to NOT be PE there. So maybe just Spain. 

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By lionofludesch
06th Aug 2022 11:13

There's no such thing as a UK Company but I'm guessing you mean England and Wales. You can change most things but the one thing you can't change is its domicile, that is, it will always be in England and Wales.

If you want a Spanish or Portuguese company, obviously you can form one but it won't be the company you already have.

All of which reduces your options. Give it more thought and repost.

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By David Ex
06th Aug 2022 13:21

What would be the benefit of using a currently dormant E&W incorporated company to conduct a business with no connection to the UK?

The obvious thing to do is to speak to an accountant in Portugal before you do anything else.

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By accountantccole
08th Aug 2022 16:16

You need to discuss with a portugese accountant or perhaps a UK one with Portugese knowledge.
If you are just starting up again, it might be that an alternative structure in Portugal will be cheaper to set up and run than trying to involve your "UK "company.
You can't just run a UK co from abroad, you need to look at where profits are generated, where wages are earned etc and determine what local taxes will be due.

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By The Dullard
08th Aug 2022 17:28

PE doesn't matter. If you use the UK company the fact that it was incorporated in the UK has no bearing. It is (more than likely to be considered) resident where it is managed and controlled (ie Portugal). In better news it can register for UK VAT and recover the VAT on my fee.

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