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UK-registered company overseas bank account?

UK-registered company overseas bank account?


I've recently incorporated my company in UK online. Since I'm a non-resident and live in US, would it be possible for me to open a business current account for the company in my home country? I'm aware that it is legally allowed but then,

How is HMRC able to tally my data with an overseas account? For example, will I be able to provide my Overseas Bank Account # to HMRC/Companies House?

Can my income be double taxed in this case?

Please help.



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06th Jul 2012 08:03

Get an accountant

They will be able to advise what's best for you rather than you asking lots of different questions.

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06th Jul 2012 08:57

Not a Problem

As far as the bank account is concerned, you will not normally need to provide details of the account to either HM Revenue and Customs or to Companies House.

What you will need to do of course is to file accounts in the UK which comply with the Companies Act and provide HMRC with the information of the company's activities that will support the corporation tax return.

Whoever puts these accounts together for you will need to see the bank account statements in order to reconcile the business transactions with the movement of cash in and out of the bank. However, the location of the bank account is unlikely to be an issue.

There are wider issues here which are probably not suitable for a discussion forum so if you prefer you can contact me directly through our website at

Good luck

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