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UK Resident - Norwegian Earnings, now works in Oman

UK Resident - Norwegian Earnings, now works in...


I have a client who is a UK citizen. He works in Scaffolding and receives high wages. He done some work for a company in Norway and had some very high tax deductions from his wage for the year. He is now in Oman working and wants us to claim back the Norwegian tax for him. Can we claim this back on a UK tax return as Foreign tax deducted or does anyone know of the norwegian tax system and claiming back?

Not a resident in Norway, only back in the UK less than 90 days.



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23rd Nov 2012 11:50

Various issues

There are various different issues here.

Presumably the individual remains UK resident; unable to comment without further details but it would appear so.

All his income from both Norway and Oman is UK taxable and needs to be declared on his UK tax return. You would then claim a foreign tax credit in the UK on Norwegian tax suffered. Presumably Norwegian tax due will need to be reconciled by filing a Norwegian tax return, however I do not have knowledge of Norwegian tax to be able to comment. Additionally, assuming that Norwegian tax higher than UK tax, there will be no net tax effect in the UK.

It would also appear that you do not have the sufficient skills/knowledge to deal with this correctly; I would refer this to somebody who does.

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