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UK Tax Residence Certificate for a UK Limited Company

UK Tax Residence Certificate for a UK Limited...

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We have been asked to quote for a UK Tax Residence certificate for a UK Limited Company.

Does HMRC issue these? If yes, than what is the procedure to get it?

What is the benefit of this UK Tax Residence Certificate?

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By ACDWebb
24th May 2013 17:26


the client has been asked to provide one by a client of theirs.

You write to HMRC CT Office for the company and ask them to provide a certificate of residence under the terms of the relevant double tax treaty.

They will probably require details of at least

the name & address of the foreign individual to whom the certificate is to be sent,the nature of the income (to determine the relevant Article in the treaty); andconfirmation the the company is the beneficial owner of the income

Recent posts have suggested that you will then either be given the run around whilst HMRC work out who should beal with it at their end, and probably a long wait for the certificate.

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By WhichTyler
24th May 2013 18:25


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