UK Tax return software for Rep of Irl accountant

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Hi all,

I have a handful (<10) of UK tax returns to file for Irish resident clients ( I'm in RoI) - mostly rental income. The HMRC online submission portal can't deal with non-resident. In the past I have alwyas used FTax / Ablegatio each year but have been finding it a bit clunky around unlock codes , attachments and submitting although it is cost effective. Is there any other simple tax software I should be looking at ?

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By Tim Vane
02nd Jan 2020 15:01

I know an Irish accountant who just uses the HMRC software and doesn’t bother with the non res forms. Not technically correct but the tax is the same with or without the non res form, HMRC don’t seem to mind and she’s never had any issues.

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By alicooke71
04th Jan 2020 22:39

Have you thought about sub-contracting out the submission of the returns?

ps i’m an accountant based in NI.

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By Matrix
04th Jan 2020 23:07

You could try Andica.

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