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UK tax working from NL for UK contract?

Do I have to pay UK tax when working from NL on a UK contract (inside IR35)?

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Hi, I am moving to the Netherlands in August and will be working from Netherlands on a contract for a UK based company and they are asking to be inside IR35 Hence will be with an umbrella company.  I thus will be deducted tax and NI from my PAYE in UK and would also have to pay income tax in NL as I will be NL resident.  Will I be able to get refund from UK as part of my tax self assessment or will I have to pay taxes in both countries?

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By David Gordon FCCA
20th Jul 2021 13:09

There are agreements between Netherlands & UK to avoid double taxation.
Where you should be tax-resident depends on the terms of your contract and the domicile of the employer.
Although if you work in the EU for more than six months, generally speaking you are liable to EU employment tax rules.
You need to speak to a knowledgeable tax adviser.
Look on the Web for an UK accountant with a Netherlands office.

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