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UK VAT for consultancy services in Poland

UK VAT for consultancy services in Poland

Can someone assist with this VAT question please.  We have supplied structural engineering advice to a business Client in Poland on a building in Poland.  The advice and drawing work was carried out in the UK for a building situated in Poland.  The invoice will be raised to the Client in Poland.  What do I do about VAT?  I am told it is not chargeable.  Any help will be gratefully received



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By Hansa
08th May 2012 13:17

Reverse Charge

1. Get the client's VAT number & check it (

2. Raise your invoice without VAT

3. State on the invoice "Subject to the Reverse Charge Mechanism" (or similar)


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09th May 2012 09:25

Polish engineering advice

It sounds like the service is land-related and is therefore taxable where the land is situated (ie Poland.

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