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UK VATable Ticket to Jersey third-party seller

Is museum ticket price inclusive of VAT in UK sold exclusive of VAT to Jersey third party customer?

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A Jersey third party seller of our VATable ticket has asked to be invoiced without VAT. Could anyone please advise me if this is correct?


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23rd Jul 2019 09:06

No, supply of admission to a cultural event is taxable where the event is (so UK).

If this helps to explain it, the same would apply for eg hotel accommodation, restaurant meals

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to WhichTyler
23rd Jul 2019 09:09

Also it's not a good idea for this tickets to be individually transferable and it is unusual to sell tickets for resale. It would be better for you to sell the ticket to the end customer and the intermediary charges you a commission (which might be VAT free)

this way you get to apply your terms and conditions to the sale, can handle buyer's data etc

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By Ekpo
23rd Jul 2019 17:24

Thanks a lot. That was very helpful

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