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U.K./Belgium VAT

Vat Belgium warehouse

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uk Company has a warehouse in Belgium, co buys in product kept in Belgium warehouse. Product is then bought over the internet (U.K. Website) product is then shipped from Belgium. What's the VAT situation? 

Company was originally just based in the U.K. and is VAT registered here

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By Portia Nina Levin
15th Jul 2017 10:39

The client needs to register for VAT in Belgium, and take suitable advice there.

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By shaun king
16th Jul 2017 18:56

Your client will need to register for Belgian VAT as the place of supply will be Belgium. However, you don't explain how the goods get into this warehouse as there has to be a VAT situation there.
Also if these goods are being sold B2C from the Belgian warehouse (assuming they are not reduced, super reduced or Zero rated goods) the standard rate will be 21% as opposed to 20% in the UK.

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By Taxbreak
17th Jul 2017 12:24

What type of warehouse is it? If it is a customs or fiscal warehouse the VAT treatment of supplies into and within the warehouse will differ to transactions in a warehouse which has no special VAT/customs status.
Who are the UK Co's customers and where are they located?B2C and B2B transactions are treated differently and the answer will also vary depending on the country of location of the buyer, e.g. are any of the goods exported outside of the EU?

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