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Ultimate list of tax deductions

Ultimate list of tax deductions

I'm trying to develop an ultimate list of 'extra' tax deductions which you could claim for clients, these would be items which a client may not think would be qualifying themselves.

So far my list is fairly small, but I would appreciate any help from other AWeb members;

Use of home as office (either £4 per week or actual costs if higher)
Capital allowances on own car or van (based on business use)
Laundry costs
Clothing costs (protective) or flat rate if employed

If you have any others you can think of, they would be gratefully received.

Many thanks.


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By skhan
30th May 2012 02:37

V Good Initiative

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30th May 2012 09:49


My cynical side says the OP is looking for a list for himself as he can only come up with 4 items from the top of his head but he does not want to admit his expertise is short in this area.

Come on own up!!

Having said that it is a good idea so having had my grumble I'll add 4 more items ...

1) Capital allowances on a computer at home (especially on start up)

2) Capital allowances on furniture in home office (also on start up)

3) Small items such as stamps and parking fees (keep all the receipts please!!)

4) Mobile phone top-ups (for those not on a contract its much better not having to estimate these costs)

OK that's 4 items from me, over to the next person!


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11th Jun 2012 09:24

Yep your right!


Of course you're right, I thought that it was obvious from my post that I was after additional ideas, but you've got me.

Thanks for adding, much appreciated.

If anyone has anymore, then please jump in.

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