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Ultra wide monitor - Productivity

better than dual monitors?


As you know prices of ultra wide monitors are going down. Our current monitors are reaching the end of their economic useful life, 

We use 23" each dual monitors. I am considering ultra wide single monitor to replace dual monitors - only if our productivity is unaffected or improves.

If you have moved or have experience of ultra wide monitors are they good/better/worse for productivity?




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08th Nov 2017 10:30

I’ve never quite understood the ultra wide monitors, other than for gaming. I prefer the height and natural portrait format of a normal monitor. One of my clients, a city law firm partner, has something like a 35” ultra wide curved, he liked it but having tried his for a few minutes I much preferred multiple monitors. It probably depends what kind of stuff you’re viewing, as the ultra wide is often ultra short.

I use 3 x 27” monitors.

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By Maslins
08th Nov 2017 11:20

Most of our staff have just one ultrawide monitor, using Windows 7 split screen, and I think it's great.

A key benefit of ultrawide is that typically it means the horizontal resolution can be 2,560, instead of 1,920 for "normal HD". Key thing is when you half that, you get 1,280 (instead of 960). Programmes generally used to be designed for 1,024, then 1,280...which means either way if you've only got 960 it annoyingly doesn't quite fit horizontally.

If I were to move to multiple screens, it'd need to be old fashioned 4:3 ones. With normal widescreens (or even worse ultrawide) side by side, I just feel you'd struggle to see it all without constantly turning your neck lots.

Newer monitors are designed to be a certain size/shape for a reason, as that's what human eyes can nicely see (ie can see wider horizontally, than vertically). By doubling up on monitors you're messing with that.

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By Mr_awol
08th Nov 2017 11:21

I wouldn't like it.

I use two 22" screens which are 'wide' but not excessively so.

It's slightly tedious when new screens keep popping up on the 'wrong' side or a pop-up box opens on the opposite side to the main window it relates to, but that's surely better than having to resize things to fit side by side? Anything in full-screen would look horrendous on an ultra-wide, surely (unless theyre cleverer than I realise and handle all that stuff for you in which case maybe they would be good after all).

I wouldn't claim to be an expert in this stuff TBH. In fact I think two screens is only slightly better (and sometimes inferior to) a single one and making use of Alt+Tab to flick between windows.

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By Maslins
to Mr_awol
08th Nov 2017 12:58

Your "wrong side" issue is one that bugged me...also occasionally struggling to find the cursor.

With split screen, it's a doddle, no time spent manually re-sizing. I think it's only Windows 7 and onwards where you can do this, but either:
1) drag the window to the left/right side of the screen, or
2) press and hold windows key, then left/right arrow.
Either will magically make it nicely take up half the screen.

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10th Nov 2017 19:42

I like ultra wide for my downtime.

The full width means I can see the full length.

If you follow me.

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13th Nov 2017 10:53


We us single ultra wide monitors using Windows 7 split screen, and i have to say on the whole they work very well.

They are also great for watching movies/catch up TV during down time.

The only drawback is some webpages don't resize correctly when using split screen - which means you have to scroll to see all the information, which is very annoying.

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