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Unable register clients for SA / PAYE

Cannot register for taxes on behalf of clients any more?

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I may be late to the game here to post this, but does anyone know when agents were unable to register clients for taxes?

A few months ago I was trying to set up a PAYE scheme through my agent log in, and took me through all of the questions and on the final page just said failed. I tried this several times over several days, in the end contacted online services only to be told the clients have to do it themselves!

I helped the client sign up....a very labourous process...asked so many questions inc passport details, info to match against credit agencys etc!

And I have been told the same applies for self assessment too, I am assuming all taxes now. 

Does any one know when this changed? 

And who else finds it utter madness that we cannot register our client for taxes? I find it a basic service as an accountant. At least you know the forms are filled in correctly. I just cannot see the logic in it.


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By K81
28th Oct 2021 12:57

I have completed online SA1 & CWF1 successfully in last month with no problems. can't speak for PAYE though.

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Replying to K81:
By kenny achampong
29th Oct 2021 14:45

I just found out today, that if you do an SA1 for somebody who already has a UTR, it just gets ignored. They do not start issuing taxs returns. So there is zero point in doing them, but you can file unsolicted returns instead.

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Replying to kenny achampong:
By K81
01st Nov 2021 08:38

a couple of times I have received an e-mail from HMRC saying "you have tried to register a client for self-assessment but our records show that they have a UTR" I have not yet received no response from completing online forms.

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By GHarr497688
28th Oct 2021 16:32

I applied online and have heard nothing back. Web-chat does not work , when I send a message I get a reply saying I will get a full response within two day and get no reply - when I ring they won't talk to me. All the taxes we pay to simply be ignored and now they want to carry on with MTD. Lost for words.

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By gainsborough
28th Oct 2021 17:35

You can by logging in using your Agent Gateway account and then filling in the SA1 form etc on behalf of your client - have also done a few this month. I am not sure about PAYE.

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Replying to gainsborough:
By Paul D Utherone
29th Oct 2021 09:01

gainsborough wrote:

You can by logging in using your Agent Gateway account and then filling in the SA1 form etc on behalf of your client - have also done a few this month. I am not sure about PAYE.

I tried this yesterday for a SA (not s/e) client, but could not find a way to the SA1, only the equivalent CWF1 with required questions about when the business started (it hasn't there is no business)
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By tltodman
28th Oct 2021 20:27

I applied for PAYE for a client recently (2-3 weeks ago). Mind you they haven't had anything back yet (other than me receiving an acknowledgement email from HMRC of the application), so I have no idea how long we now need to wait

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Replying to tltodman:
By Catherine Newman
29th Oct 2021 15:33

A client has tried setting up a PAYE scheme twice now as his apprentice can't go to college until there is a scheme. He finally rang up yesterday and got one. I couldn't get authorisation yesterday as the system isn't in real time.

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By RedFive
29th Oct 2021 15:16

You have received incorrect information.

Agent login (old one, not MTD) still has 'register a client for new taxes'.

I registered a client for PAYE a week ago, no issues.

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By chrisacc1985
09th Nov 2021 09:48

I am having the same problem. My account is the new one (not MTD, but same style). Spoke to Online Services twice, and neither person was aware of an issue. I have escalated the issue so will keep you posted.

UPDATE: I have found that if I follow the link here ( to register a company for PAYE, if I am logged in to my agent services account at the same time, it allows me to register the client for PAYE.

It in fact, also allows me to register the client for Corporation Tax, VAT and Self Assessment too!

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