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Unable to delete client on SA Government Gateway

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since the government gateway for self assessment has been updated I can no longer delete old clients.  Go to right hand side of screen, remove client option and then it just gives HMRC Error.  Spoke with hmrc online services and they havent a clue.  Is anyone having problems with this?  I just want to delete these clients off my agent list as I dont want to keep receiving their outstanding debts from hmrc.  Said clients have either decided to do tax returns themselves (because they can declare what they want) or unregistered accountants not submitting 64-8 agent authorisations (thus not committing themselves) are doing them now.  Any help would be most appreciated

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By claudialowe
26th Sep 2019 13:32

I've had the same problem as well. I have been able to delete the same client for PAYE and VAT but not for self assessment. I get the same error as you. CBA to phone HMRC though ;-)

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Red Leader
By Red Leader
26th Sep 2019 15:02

Been like this for weeks for me. I ended up sending a letter to HMRC, a short letter often takes me less time to do than phoning.

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By Cat's whiskers
26th Sep 2019 15:12

I've just been trying to do the same to clear out some old clients. Also getting the error message.

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