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Unable to download VT software due to Virus error

unable to download VT software, tried turning firewall and McAfee still says virus

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I've tried to download VT software, it keeps coming up with a virus error.  Contacted VT, they told me to disable McAfee which I have done, still will not download because of virus.  I turned firewall off, it still comes up with a virus error.  Does anyone know how to overcome this problem.  Thanks for your help

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By Wanderer
05th Mar 2019 12:42

Just tried scanning it with:-
Windows Defender
& no issues reported.

If you have disabled McAfee and the firewall what is reporting the virus error?

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By VictorF
05th Mar 2019 14:55

McAfee are currently falsely identifying that the VT Accounts set up program contains a virus.

We have been unable to contact McAfee to ask them to rectify this problem.

Users need to turn McAfee off and turn their computers off and on again before installing the software.

VT Software

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By Cheshire
05th Mar 2019 15:09

The same thing has happened with Moneysoft in the past, mentioned on here, so leaving McAfee off (and adding a different package) may help for the future.

If Victor's suggestion doesnt happen first time, try uninstall McAfee, then a PC restore to a point before the latest McAfee update (probs the end of Feb).

Fingers crossed for you.

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By SXGuy
05th Mar 2019 15:43

No need to uninstall virus software if it's just an installation issue.

Restart pc in safe mode and install there. Then restart pc again.

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