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Haven't been able to login to WebFiling at Companies House this week so got around to phoning them and haven't got any joy so far.  They have changed the webfiling system to the new style Gov and added multi factor authentication.  All well and good if you can login, but as of now I cannot even login and the Confirmation Statements are starting to back up.  Suggestions so far from the general enquiries team at CoHo are clear cookies and cache (yawn) and try Edge as a browser.  Neither has changed anything.

A colleague has been able to login fine, though you have to add personal details and give a number which CoHo can use for MFA, which is another work imposition on a personal mobile...

They did put a news item about this on their homepage (does anyone look at it?) last Wednesday but judging from my two calls to them today their staff clearly don't understand the change, one guy told me I had to create a new account at firm level and add new logins for individual staff members, which I quickly showed him was wrong once I had found the guidance. They could not put me through to the Webfiling team because they have been getting loads of calls..... I wonder why??

Has anyone else solved this issue yet?

Sorry for my shortness, its frustrating and I have no idea how long CoHo are going to take to respond to my email enquiry.



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15th Sep 2022 10:46

Same problem we are having. Says code being emailed but keep trying because do not receive code and on odd occasion we have, taken so long to receive it that it has expired! Spoke to COHSE and they agreed problem their end but may be try different browsers...we have and still cannot log in. We need to do various important things for various clients but cannot log in to do it. Why do all these bodies keep changing software when they haven't got it working correctly before they make it live??

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By JS23
22nd Sep 2022 09:34

Yes there is a new way to log in now, we had issues as well and managed to figure it out. Drop your contact number here and I can get my colleauge to call you and show how to progress.

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Replying to JS23:
By Tim Robinson
22nd Sep 2022 10:51

Hi Jay

Thanks for the offer of help and subsequent phonecall.

This issue was fixed by the simple solution of a password reset. Shame that Companies House haven't responded to the email I sent a week ago...


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By Charlie Carne
22nd Sep 2022 10:55

The constant changes to systems at HMRC and Companies House is one of the reasons why I always prefer to use commercial software for all my filings. I use Inform Direct for my filings at Companies House. It's remarkably cheap, easy to use, provides a single dashboard from which I can see all my Companies House data and has a range of additional services (all within the basic price of 50p to 67p pm per company) such as pre-prepared minutes, resolutions, dividend vouchers, etc. It's not the biggest tool in my software armoury, but it's probably far and away the best value and one that I would not dream of giving up.

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