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Unallocated credits showing on HMRC account

How do we clear the 'unallocated credits' for smp and compensation showing on the HMRC account

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I've never needed to do this before but a client showed me their PAYE online account with HMRC and there are amounts showing as unallocated credit NIC compensation (which agrees to 3% of the SMP claimed) and then another amount for unallocated credit SMP (which is only about £400 of the £8500 claimed). How do we clear these?
I'm assuming its something to be done within the basic tools software (which is what she uses) and then a submission to HMRC which would sort it. However, it is in a previous year (2017/18) does this complicate matters?

Or can this be sorted by a call to HMRC?

Many thanks in advance.



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By chicka
27th Jan 2019 10:38


Can anyone help at all with what we need to do to sort this?

Thanks in advance.

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