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Undeclared dividend income

Best way to inform HMRC?

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Hi all, 

Due to ill health a new client needs to declare a small amount of dividend income that was missed for the last couple of years, around a couple of hundred pounds in tax per year. 

I was going to disclose via the DDS, but on another HMRC webpage it says to call them.. 

It would be good to hear how others would go about it.

Thanks in advance


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13th Aug 2019 10:19

Did they submit annual SA returns and just miss the dividends off ?

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By Slim
to bernard michael
13th Aug 2019 10:34

Never submitted SATR, its normally coded out.

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13th Aug 2019 10:22

Just write a letter disclosing the amounts and the years to which they relate.

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to the_drookit_dug
13th Aug 2019 10:30

That's exactly what I would do.

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13th Aug 2019 10:48


Could be months before they open it, mind.

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13th Aug 2019 10:55

I have done a DDS for such cases without problems.

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