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Uniform tax rebate

As ever the free ones cause the problems

A friend mentioned to me that she had been approached by one of these "uniform refund" companies and that she could get some money back but the company wanted a hefty commission. No problem "it's only a couple of forms I will do it for free it will only take me half an hour".

My calculation is that she may be able to get back a couple of hundred pounds, and I think that is optimistic, the "uniform refund" company have told her, without seeing any details, that she can get back at least £2,000.

My question is what do they know that I do not or how do I explain they are just selling at this point. Tempted just to let her go and find out for herself but I want to make sure I am not missing anything.

All she has is shirts to wash a high viz jacket (provided by the company and washed when no longer that high viz) and safety boots that she has bought (say a new pair about every other year).



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By K81
12th Dec 2017 13:06

You aren't missing anything, these companies use a blanket figure to reel the "customers" in.

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12th Dec 2017 13:39

Uniform allowance £50 x 4 = £200. Union subs £50 x 4 = 200. Some other relevant subs £50 x 4 = £200. Please can you identify other expenses that you've incurred in relation to your employment of £9,400?

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12th Dec 2017 13:34

I agree with K81. Unions sometimes send information to members about claiming for uniforms etc. I had someone who moved from self employed to employed and she was referred to one of these companies through her union. It ended up costing her money because they claimed for things that had already been claimed through self assessment. They took a % and when HMRC enquired into the claim they referred her back to me to sort out the mess.

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By rhino83
12th Dec 2017 15:21

I got on of these generic letters once upon a time when I worked in a supermarket and I've seen a few since.

The letters normally quote the expenses you can claim not the actual tax refund you'll get so that can be ambiguous, and some I see have used the "up to £x tax refund" but these usually use a 45% (or previously 50%) rate of tax.

The also often use rates which are not applicable to your profession. Mine offered expense claim of £700 uniform allowance (5 x £140) £500 of travel expenses, £1,200 of union subs.

Of course it was all b*llocks, union fee are not allowable for shop workers, I had no allowable travel expenses and the uniform allowance was only £60 a year.

I did a claim myself and got £60 back. Which bought a romantic night out for me and the wife.

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12th Dec 2017 15:53

And multiply by a number of years. 4?

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By rhino83
to Red Leader
12th Dec 2017 16:09

5 if you include the current year.

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12th Dec 2017 16:05

They are con men, there was firm who advertise on the roundabout next to my office who can get you back £2500.

HMRC raided there offices and confiscated all their files, they had done about 5000 claims preying on dim people.

One guy was told he could claim for his travel costs from his place of employment to different sites he worked it. They claimed for all his mileage despite his employer reimbersing fully for all costs at 45p per mile.

I am amazed that HMRC process these claims, i did feel sorry for a few care workers on low pay who were duped, spent all the cash and now face large penalties and tax to repay, when these sharks took 30% of the tax back for doing it.

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