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Unit trusts held in an investment account

What kind of certificate should be issued by Aviva

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I am having trouble getting information via a clients power of attorney official.  The client has an Aviva Unit trust held in an investment account.  I cannot get hold of the financial advisors or Aviva directly.  She has a regular income each month but this is not a 5% withdrawal bond.  The financial advisor has "estimated" dividend income and interest, however I need more details. This is the last year I shall deal with the client because of these problems! What should Aviva be issuing and surely this should be available now its September!!!

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paddle steamer
16th Sep 2019 11:01

"The client has an Aviva Unit trust held in an investment account"

Not sure precisely what an investment account is in this context, is this like a "platform" with someone akin to Hargreaves Lansdown?

Certainly all Unit trusts I have seen tend to issue:

1. vouchers re distributions
2. 3 or 6 monthly performance reports where at least net distribution received will be restated again in a different context.
3. if with say someone like HG then one can readily find reports/consolidated tax certs etc- I get most of mine just after 30th April, they do not post to me but they are available via my online account.

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