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Total difficulties

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I have just helped a family member complete a Universal Credit application form. It was like wading through tar

How can people who are not computerate literate,or don't have access to a computer comply with the morass of stupid questions

Or is that the method of quickly getting rid of applicants

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Danny Kent
By Viciuno
10th Jul 2024 16:12

Having recently had the displeasure of working with the council, I wouldn't think any of them are intelligent enough to suggest bogging people down with questions to reduce applications.

I'd be inclined to go with a mix of:

The people don't care, so take no pride in their work
They are incompetent
They have no training, so don't really know what they are doing
They have no common sense

Oh, and they think everyone else is much better off than them so happy to screw over the public at every opportunity out of spite.

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By spilly
10th Jul 2024 16:48

It’s one reason why Citizens Advice and similar places are so busy.
Even claiming for council tax benefit is on line only - our council closed the walk-in help desk during Covid and never reopened it. Now you have to go to a charity centre instead (funded by the council!).
Age UK have an amazing service that goes out to pensioners to help them claim stuff like Pension Credit and Carers Allowance. The problem is that the pensioners often don’t know 1) that they might qualify, and 2) how they go about making a claim.

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By SXGuy
10th Jul 2024 18:47

I feel sorry for those who've been forced over from wtc because that was pretty straight forward.

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the sea otter
By memyself-eye
11th Jul 2024 08:39

I recently made a telephone application to the DWP for PIP for my wife - who has terminal cancer. The lady on the other end was professional and sympathetic. The claim was dealt with in days and the first payment made the next week.
Sometimes the public sector surprises on the upside!

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Replying to memyself-eye:
By Rammstein1
11th Jul 2024 13:59

You have my sympathies, I have a close friend who has also received the same diagnosis.

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By Roland195
11th Jul 2024 10:00

I have a client who, against my better judgment, I attempted to help out with a similar situation and was all at sea - the DWP seem to have an entirely different set of accounting standards & definitions of their own creation.

There is no place for professional accountants in this, possibly by design.

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By FCExtraordinaire
11th Jul 2024 10:38

I don't think even the DWP staff understand the questions...

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