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Universal credits for Directors


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I have had very little experience in knowing what your levels of income can/cant be in order to claim UC's, I am sure it will be based on household income. Was hoping someone was able to help with the below:

1.) Is it based on monthly or annual income? e.g if a Director usually earns £4k p/m but during furlough will only earn £600 p/m is he able to claim with no clawback at the end of the tax year?

2.) I vaguely recall it is very complicated for a Dir/shareholders as they are required to provide monthly info regarding the company income/expenses?

3.) Are any other clients of your managed to sucesfully put a claim in for UC during this time?

4.) Any other info would be greatly appreciated.

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By Duggimon
06th Apr 2020 08:45

It's based on monthly income. At £600pm, unless the UC claim includes money for housing support, the director won't receive anything.

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