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Unofficial Football World Championships

If football were boxing (it certainly has on occasion manifested itself as such)

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I was uplifted yesterday to be informed that per the Unofficial Football World Championships  Scotland have held that title more times than anyone else (England coming in second), just thought such useless knowledge ought to be passed on to all of you  as it cheered me up and helped pass the time as I endured two of the more turgid displays of football to grace the international scene. (whilst happy with the results I think a modicum of fan entertainment might have been entertained)

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By Rammstein1
12th Oct 2020 16:53

I seem to remember when Derby County were world club champions back in January 2009. Man Utd won it in December 2008 and we were the next team to beat them, a few weeks later in the league cup. We weren't champions for long though.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
13th Oct 2020 09:15

I like the logic!

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