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Unsure of VAT treatment (Reverse Charge or Not?)

US Digital Supplier, is it subject to reverse charge or zero-rated/No VAT?

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I have an invoice from a US supplier who have put this on the bottom of their invoice which threw me a little:

"VAT Reverse Charge Notes: No VAT charged. Customer provided VAT registration number and may be responsible for VAT fees"

They provided an "EU" VAT number but have also stated No VAT charged. So I am a bit confused as to the treatment for this? Any clarification would be appreciated. 

The supplier is Alexa Internet if anyone has had dealings with them as well.

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By ospevack
16th Oct 2019 10:56

My understanding is that should be recorded as a reverse charge transaction, based on example 1:

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By Wanderer
16th Oct 2019 11:43

Reverse charge.

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