Update on CT and VAT Dear customer,

So whats going on

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I think I have had the worst two years in Accountancy ever. First of all we had the Grants from Councils to sort, then the Furlough , then the SEISS Grants , then the VAT reverse charge then the way SEISS grants went on the SA , then being told the usually deadlines had to be met apart from some minor concession and even then because of public pressure - all at the same time MTD is going ahead then its being delayed going ahead being delayed etc etc. Now HMRC say they have so much work to do as a result of a back log of post they must shut various phone lines. Never I have I heard such fickle excuses. They used Coronavirus to run home and do nothing apart from make the Accountants and Taxpayer life hell. Now they are back in the office the full extent of what has happened as come to light and so they use this propaganda to try and ease the mess they are in . Utter rubbish HMRC need a massive shake up. I think the tax system is run by Accountants and that sums it all up.

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01st Dec 2021 16:07

I feel your pain............

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By Cazzie B
01st Dec 2021 16:29

I read it and couldn't stop laughing ...... You could not make it up .
Well maybe HMRC can !!!

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Replying to Cazzie B:
By Southwestbeancounter
01st Dec 2021 18:20

Yes, that was my reaction too! :-)

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Ivor Windybottom
By Ivor Windybottom
01st Dec 2021 16:31

What about all the VAT chaos from leaving the EU. That was massive too!

We've never been busier across all the tax changes and advice required.

Can't believe that HMRC have the audacity to think they have had a hard time, even if you give credit for some that had extra Covid grant work.


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Replying to Ivor Windybottom:
By Paul Crowley
01st Dec 2021 16:37

Last 18 months was constant change
One could be completely out of date in less than a week

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By bluebaron
01st Dec 2021 16:44

I got the HMRC email too, it really is pathetic.

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Replying to bluebaron:
By lionofludesch
01st Dec 2021 17:57

bluebaron wrote:

I got the HMRC email too, it really is pathetic.

I've been left out again.

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Replying to lionofludesch:
By New To Accountancy
01st Dec 2021 18:42

Here it is Lion :

Update on CT and VAT

Dear customer,
What is happening?
In December, we will run a trial of reducing the hours on some of our telephony services so that we can dedicate the time to work post that has built up over the past year.
To test the approach, we will close our VAT and CT phone lines (with the exception of the bereavement line) on 3,10 and 17‌‌ ‌December.
Why have you done this?
As you know, over the course of the pandemic, we made choices about the work we prioritised in order to protect our essential services and the livelihoods of our customer groups who need it the most. We prioritised the COVID-19 support schemes, the UK’s smooth transition from the European Union and the essential services that keep the tax system running.
We are in a year of recovery and are making solid progress. In the first half of the year, we focused on stabilising our phone services and our tax credits/child benefit services – while we maintained our customs services well within targets and supported the smooth running of the COVID-19 support schemes until they closed in October.
Recently, we’ve been able to move more resources back into our core tax activities now that the COVID-19 schemes have ended, and we’re adding further capacity through temporary recruits (contingent labour).
We are now working through the stocks of post that built up over the past year. We are doing this while keeping our helpline service levels and processing stable, and making sure we are prepared for key events in the coming weeks, like the Self Assessment peak and the introduction of EU full customs controls in January.
By April, we expect to be delivering normal (pre-pandemic) performance on our core service lines – in terms of the work we have on hand, our turnaround times and the running of our real-time channels.
What happens next?
As with any trial, we’ll keep a close eye on our progress, responding to any issues as we go. Towards the end of December, we’ll take a view on what to do next and update you in the first week of January.
Yours faithfully

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By tltodman
01st Dec 2021 22:55

My first thought was the lazy wotsits want Fridays off.

And, for what it's worth, I really can't believe that the people that answer the phones would have the necessary skill set and experience to deal with the post backlog

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Replying to tltodman:
By Paul Crowley
01st Dec 2021 23:22

More than likely HMRC want people to use up their accumulated holiday

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By spilly
01st Dec 2021 23:51

Some of the reason why there is so much post still to deal with is probably because we’ve not been able to get anything dealt with by phoning.

Do they not realise that well-resourced phone lines should reduce the amount of post, thus saving both time and money? And I don’t mean the current system where it is pot luck if you manage to get someone answering who can and will actually sort stuff out.

Will the next excuse HMRC trots out be that mice have got in and eaten some of the post where it’s been lying around for so long?

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Replying to spilly:
By Tornado
02nd Dec 2021 13:26

"Some of the reason why there is so much post still to deal with is probably because we’ve not been able to get anything dealt with by phoning. "

I had better things to do than wait on a helpline for an hour or more only to be connected to a pompous HMRC representative who was unable to help for some reason or inexplicably cut me off. No more phone enquiries for me as it was quicker to write and there was at least a record of the query.

So what happens then? Nothing and I am still waiting for replies to letters that are now months old, including appeals.

I am past caring about this as how can you properly communicate with an organisation that is unprepared to communicate with me. It is not my problem really.

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By neiltonks
02nd Dec 2021 09:25

Not wanting to stir up a hornets nest, but...

Many Irish Revenue help desks have opening hours of 09:30 to 13:30 every weekday, significantly less than HMRC even with the Friday closures.

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Replying to neiltonks:
By Leywood
02nd Dec 2021 09:59

Yet they are extremely helpful and even respond to emails within a day or three!

If HMRC was a private company the owners would be cracking the whip to get the work done, sacking lazy staff and making the managers work unpaid overtime or some variation on that theme.

Its a ruddy joke.

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By justsotax
02nd Dec 2021 09:56

I posted a few days back about the Revenue sending a letter indicating that several of our clients had potentially not applied mortgage interest restrictions correctly in their 2020 Tax Returns. Not a formal enquiry - just a nudge.....as expected all of the interest claimed related to commercial properties....nothing to see here....

With all of the rest of the stuff they do, it does leave me feeling that a big push back is due.....you want to query something then open an enquiry, if you haven't responded to my queries within a reasonable time - a complaint will be raised, if i have to do work directly as a result of your (HMRC) incompetence I will raise a bill against you.....

Sick of making it easy on them......

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By AndyC555
02nd Dec 2021 10:09

Having worked in both HMIT (as was) and now in practice, the huge difference is that if there's a backlog of post in practice, we work late or at the weekends to clear it. Our clients depend on this.

HMRC staff will clock off at their appointed time leaving the piles of accumulated post.

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Replying to AndyC555:
By I'msorryIhaven'taclue
02nd Dec 2021 11:25

I'm reliably informed that all post to the hub at BX9 1AX is farmed out for processing to HMRC staff who, by and large, are still working from their homes. You can see how that might easily pile up on an individual.

Processing a form L2P will, I'm informed, take a guesstimated 2 months. Meanwhile the (same year) CT "debt" that the L2P will be set-off against remains in the hands of an aggressive third party collection agency who are clearly more used to threatening and manipulating Wonga loan customers.

Whatever happened to Working Together?

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