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Updating Memorandum and Articles

Should they be changed when a company changes its name?

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A client changed its name about 6 years ago and is asking why the memorandum and articles were not changed since they are in the old name.

Does anyone know if it is mandatory or customary to update the name on these documents and whether it is standard for an accountant to do this?


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By WhichTyler
07th Jul 2019 22:15

No and no (unless the accountant has accepted the responsibility of maintaining statutory records for the company)

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Replying to WhichTyler:
By Matrix
08th Jul 2019 07:06

When you say No then do you mean that it is not legally required?

What do you mean when you say unless the accountant is responsible for the statutory records. If the accountant has agreed to effect the name change then do the articles need updating at the same time or not? I can’t see anywhere that they have to be updated and have never done so when a company has changed their name but need an answer.

They are old articles and I would have to write them all up so want to give the client comfort that this is not necessary.

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By lionofludesch
08th Jul 2019 08:46

It's not mandatory. If they were right at the time they were filed, they're still right.

If they're old, though, you might want to consider updating them to something more modern.

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By paulwakefield1
08th Jul 2019 08:49

According to my ancient* Company Secretarial manual, it says all that is required is to affix a copy of the change of name resolution to the front of the Mem and Arts (or reprint if practicable).

*Predates CA2006

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