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Upgraded website

Upgraded website

No doubt use will familiarise us with this site.

However, when replying to a question on the previous site one could easily refer to the question in the middle of replying. Please put that feature back.

Better still' go back to the old format of any answers.

Do other users agree?


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By Anonymous
18th Jun 2009 20:10

And also, can we have the names of the responders on the posts please?

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18th Jun 2009 20:22

Check out the feedback discussion group
if you have not already found it.

Personally I have got into the habit of holding down the control key when clicking on the "reply" link. That puts the draft response into a new window without losing the old. Maybe not an ideal solution but I was used to that anyway because even with the old setup you could otherwise only see the original post but not the other responses, if you just clicked on reply. It could just be an IE thing.

You will see from the feedback discussion that names of responders have been temporarily disabled due to a privacy bug. Doubtless it will be back but in the meantime you have to manually sign your postings

As here....

With kind regards
Clint Westwood

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By pawncob
18th Jun 2009 22:21

Hate it
Can't refer to question.
Can't see who's answered before.
Can't exit to search HMRC site and return.
(And this appears to be anonymous)

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19th Jun 2009 01:07

not good at all
can anyone guess who i am??

ridiculous that no name is shown to posts!

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19th Jun 2009 01:08

i'm the same bloke who posted previous

but, hey. who's to know?!!

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19th Jun 2009 06:33

Scroll up
With kind regards

Clint Westwood

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By Anonymous
19th Jun 2009 08:28

Hate it
Also dislike the new format of any answers. Haven't checked out whether the search facility is any better though. Please can we have the old format back.


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By DMGbus
19th Jun 2009 08:59

I miss the printer-friendly option; Get notice of other replies
The old scheme of things had a printer-friendly option which seems to be lacking in the new scheme of things.

I also find it a chore to have to tick (check) the box to receive notice of other replies to my eMail account - before this was ticked (checked) once & left "switched on" - now it seems to be necessary to tick (check) the box each time.

The notification received in my eMail account is only a link - rather than a copy of the reply / response as used to be the case.

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19th Jun 2009 09:00

cheers clint
Nedd Ludd

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19th Jun 2009 09:10

They have responded to my request.
i.e. to have a blank column next to the posts so that single-click users like me can scroll up and down without accidentally opening a post.

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19th Jun 2009 09:40

Just posting to see what it is like now
Hmmm, I agree, not as good as it was. It'd be nice to be able to see the question and also to not have to type my name each time I post (though who cares who I am really? :) )

Thomas Peterson

One bright side, we can have pictures now :)

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19th Jun 2009 10:19

Thanks for the feedback- we are working on it
Thanks for your comments. Although I can't answer all the points at this stage, I can cover some. We will restore attributation to comments shortly - this was removed temporarily while we did some work to allow users to post anonymously if they choose. We will carry out more work over the next few weeks which will allow you to see the question when you post replies on AA and to address other points that members have raised.

Steve Roth
Managing Editor,

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By 1697201
19th Jun 2009 11:11

V Poor
Pages are too short.

No. of times read and commented on given the same prominence.

No way of telling whether a respondent is Angus or Euan, Winchy or Swiss.

Lets form a breakaway message board like the F1 teams are doing.

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19th Jun 2009 11:36

See above
We will be restoring posters identities shortly, ie in the next day or so - but with the added function of being able to post anonymously if you choose.

Steve Roth
Mnaging Editor,

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19th Jun 2009 11:40

Change for change sake
Don't you hate it when you go into Sainsbury & they've moved everything round so you can't find anything?
Don't you hate it when Royal Mail becomes Consignia & Norwich Union becomes Aviva?
Don't you hate it when BP changes its logo at a cost of millions just to put the BP letters in italics?

Change for change sake - Grrr!

Best wishes

Ronnie Stanley

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19th Jun 2009 11:42

Please please!! Some circumspect?!

I'm not against any criticism of the new site - I actively welcome it in fact, and long may it continue. I hope that the members that I've spoken with over the past couple of days would vouch for that.

However please consider that has been and will continue to be a long-standing free resource for you, and that we all work hard here to make it the best we can. This is NOT change for change's sake - I think to suggest this is a little insulting to everyone here at AccountingWEB that has put so much effort into this project.

Please also consider that change invariably divides opinion - we've had many complimentary messages, but as ever the antagonists always seem to shout the loudest.

We will absolutely take every comment into account (and the new technology will allow us to fine tune everything to the community's satisfaction). But we can't change things instantly - things will take a little time, and they will be done. So please do keep those comments coming!

But just slating the site without offering any suggestions for improvement I feel is a bit unnecessary, wouldn’t you agree?

Darren Falkingham
Head of Marketing

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19th Jun 2009 12:09


Hi yes hell.

Daz i personally like the website, easy, simple, and plain, something that all accountants can relate to. I think you guys should give
yourselfs a big pat on the back, i would give you one but that is a different story.

Only problem i can forsee is accidently clicking on report as offensive rather than reply. Also for some reason this text box i am typing
in seems to last forever and i have to manually press enter to drop a line (not the end of the world).

Once again

Top stuff

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19th Jun 2009 12:51

Did everyone have to re-register....
or was it just me!?

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By Anonymous
19th Jun 2009 12:56

For my money:

1. Questions are too narrow which makes them harder to review.
2. Replies also too narrow especially with the rather silly box around them. Although it may sometimes seem like it, I didn't think this was a site for primary school kids!
2. Text is surprisingly large. Down a couple of points would help if you are going to keep it this narrow.
3. Glad you are fixing the security issue. I am a little concerned that the odd post made anonymously for professional reasons in the past would now show my user name. Presumably you are fixing this so that the posts will in the future only show the original name typed in and not the current user name or you will be getting a lot of requests for deletion of old content.
4. Glad you have extended the first page list since the launch, was very short
5. Opt out not opt in for notifications for replies (opt in tends to kill forums stone dead but it seems to be the new fad, I don't understand why.)

Apart from that it looks ok, It does however irritate me in general that it seems "normal" that the first iteration of any bit of software has several major flaws in it, rather than waiting until its ready, testing in detail with existing users and then launching more widely.

Still, I have seen far worse launches.

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19th Jun 2009 13:29

Yes yes!

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19th Jun 2009 14:32

What do you mean by restoring posters' identities?
Will it be their login - in which case, do not bother - or their name?

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19th Jun 2009 15:06

Here's a layout I like
Have a look at this - just the job!

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19th Jun 2009 16:02

I had to re-register too.

I'm fairly sure that before the launch, I read something that said we would all be receiving emails about the new website once it launched, but I never got anything.

When I tried to login, it didn't recognise my password, so I had to use the "Forgotten password" link to get reconnected and then change my password back to what it was in the first place... hmmm.

Overall, I will give the new look Aweb time, but I'm a little bit hesitant at the moment. The old saying comes to mind "If it isn't broke, don't fix it".

Peter Cane (looking forward to not having to type that out every time too :-)

PS. CEO's diary - why is this still showing (or at least as at this morning), his post dated 15 June, when I'm fairly sure there was at least one new entry subsequent to this but before the new Aweb launched?

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By Anonymous
19th Jun 2009 16:20

The plus side of a Web 2 (rich) approach is that it looks very pretty

Unfortunately the downside is that it makes pages very difficult to scan & assimilate quickly - it requires more time on the part of the user because of the need to cover (scroll) 5 pages rather than one. So in this respect it is counter productive

'.. You may not create a link to this website from another website or document without's prior written consent ..'

OK so presumably this means that if one wants to email the link to an interesting article - it is prohibited ?? - and how does this square with linking to other social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter etc)

Searching For Poster Previous Articles
Where no image is available - how does one achieve this when you don't know who posted?

Spell Checker?
Missed opportunity

Response Email Links Rather Than Content
Drives unnecessary traffic to the site - any figures quoted for advertisers (about hits etc) will therefore be incorrect & misleading

Forwarding an email from Aweb therefore becomes illegal under T&C's - eh !

Free cuts both ways - without 'free contributions' (responses/any answers etc.) would there really be a site?

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20th Jun 2009 17:57

Get a grip!
Darrens first post echoed what was going through my mind as I was reading down.

Anyone would think that members were paying a premium cost for using this site.

Agree that the amount of jerking knees is an insult to the people who have worked hard on this.

I think that it is an improvement and that with reasoned feedback taken into account and acted on then it will be even better.

Thanks to those involved for making the effort.

Jason Dormer

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21st Jun 2009 14:19

AWEB 2007
Works OK but why bother?!

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