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US Accountant recommendation

Any suggestions for a reasonable US accountant based in UK?

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My client is a UK resident director of a small UK company, he obtained his US green card a couple of years ago, has been out there for only about 2 weeks and earned next to nothing (£1k or so), I understand that the US are rather strict on filing a tax return (or multiple ones) and he needs to bring his US tax position up to date. Does anyone know a reputable and reasonable UK-based accountant that is able to handle US tax returns? I imagine that for someone who knows the requirements it's all pretty straight forward. The client has been quoted a hefty hourly rate from 1 specialist accountant in London with no indication of how long it will take and whats involved, all extremely vague. I can phone around but would prefer to go with a trusted firm.

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By penelope pitstop
05th Dec 2019 23:44

Don't know, but from a recent post someone was charged a small fortune by what seems to be some online scammer/accountant.

I would have thought that a trusted US tax accountant in the US who is immersed in US tax would be in the best position, rather than a US accountant in the UK.

I am sure that in the old Starsky and Hutch series you would often see a tax shop in some seedy area of town which advertised doing your US taxes on the cheap.

The problem will be separating the good from the downright dishonest accountants without local knowledge of who's who.

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Mark Lee 2017
By Mark Lee
06th Dec 2019 09:19

You'll find a (small) choice on the website

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By gainsborough
06th Dec 2019 09:22

Have found David Treitel's posts on here really helpful in the past. You could try contacting him for a quote:

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Red Leader
By Red Leader
06th Dec 2019 10:14

UK fees for US tax return work always seem to be at least 4x what the equivalent UK return would cost.

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Replying to Red Leader:
By gainsborough
06th Dec 2019 10:29

True....but then there is the joy of having to do federal, state and city tax returns plus filing extensions and the joy of hanging on the phone for ages if you need to speak to the IRS.....

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By David Treitel
06th Dec 2019 18:23

If the client would like friendly, helpful professional advice, it is worth mentioning that we have an excellent qualified team, able to help with US tax; and meet if you’d like to put a face to the name. The team at our office here in London includes people with American CPA and Enrolled Agent and UK Chartered Tax Adviser and accounting qualifications. We'd be delighted to chat with you about the options open, whether or not you choose to work with us. [email protected] (Telephone 020 3542 6330)

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