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US citizen with 2 UK companies

US citizen with 2 UK companies

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Client is a US citizen, resident in UK, with a non-US (British) wife, who has no greencard.  He is a shareholder in two small scale OMBs in the UK and he reports these on form 5471 and his US returns are done by a US based CPA. 

I just stumbled across a mention about a form BE-10, being an information return "Reporting by US persons regarding non-US Business Holdings".

Can anyone confirm whether this BE-10 has to be completed?  Or is this designed for international groups of companies on a grander scale than my client's?  


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By Matrix
31st Mar 2016 21:29

You should post this on accounting  This is a UK site.

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By Expat24
31st Mar 2016 22:41

US qualified people based in UK

do contribute to this site too!

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By johngroganjga
01st Apr 2016 04:46

But isn't this an obvious question for the client's US accountant?

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