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US pension income and tax treatment in UK

Avoiding dual taxation

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Hi everyone

This query will undoubtebly be quite simplistic to some of you I'm sure, but I have little experience in terms of US pensions and taxation in the UK, so a pointer in the right direction would be appreciated :)

The issue is as follows:

- individual has a small US pension of circa £2.5k per year.

- he completes a joint tax return in the US along with his wife - where he lists the pension income under 'Social Security Benefits' there is minimal US tax payable on the US return

My question is should I include the income on his UK tax return and if yes, would the tax return be taxable in the UK? If anyone has a link to the relevant page of the HMRC manual it would be appreciated.

TIA for all your help


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By Wanderer
25th Nov 2020 09:54

Would have to make assumptions as there is not enough information in your question.

Firstly though, you asked for a pointer, have you read the DTA?

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Red Leader
By Red Leader
25th Nov 2020 09:56

For a UK resident, US pensions are taxable in the UK.

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