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US royalties

US royalties

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I hope you guys on here can help me. My wife is an author. She has just been published in the US, and receives US royalties into her UK bank account. She has an ITIN. Three questions:

1. Where does this US income go on her UK self assessment form? Her year end in the UK is 31st March.

2. Does she need to fill in a US tax return? The amount last year (2013 calendar year) was USD 400, and this year is expected to be about USD 1,000.

3. The US publisher has sent her a form 1042S. What does she do with this?

Many thanks for any help.

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By duncanedwards
29th Aug 2014 19:08

If I was you

I would consider getting some US tax advice - more so if the US income is likely to increase.  It's never a good idea to upset the US authorities (even unintentionally).


I think the 1042-S is something to do with withholding tax.  Have you looked on the IRS website?  Or googled?

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By sash100
29th Aug 2014 20:48

Form 1042s

The Double tax treaty between US and UK is key.  Royalties most likely will be exempt under the DTA.  The Form 1042-S will just report the earnings which are exempt under the double tax treaty.  If you require a US accountant then we do have an affiliated company in the US too. Do not hesitate to PM me if you want their contact details.

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By ColinNibbs
03rd Sep 2014 16:58

US royalties
Thanks for your reply but wouldn't the cost outweigh the small amounts involved? Someone told me that a US tax return need not be filed by non US citizens unless the total amount of income exceeded $600. Is that not the case?

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