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US - UK GAAP differences

US - UK GAAP differences

Please is anyone able to point we to the right direction as to where I can obtain very direct and clear diffrences between US and UK GAAP ?

A US company we are assisting sent through their Chart Of Accounts and were wondering if we could reconcile these to the UK and other global subs.

Any pointer would be appreciated.

Many thanks


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By sburt
03rd Aug 2011 12:37

US - UK GAAP differences$file/IFRS_v_GAAP_basics_Jan09.pdf


This is the one I found clearest.


I too have a conversion issue, I have IFRS accounts which I need to prepare in US GAAP, do you have a set of blank US GAAP proformas I could use?

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By fndeloh
03rd Aug 2011 13:01

US GAAP Accounts.

Thanks for the link, i will go through. The COA i have is client specific and is not generic as such so may not be very helpful for you. I have actually not come across a template US GAAP compliant COA. Sorry

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