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Use of log cabin for business

Use of log cabin for business

Client uses a room in her house for the display of the products which she sells. So far, so good - I imagine the usual use of home as office rules will apply here.

However, she also has a log cabin in her back garden which she uses for the same purpose.

How does one calculate the allowable deduction in this case?

Thanks in advance for assistance.


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31st Jul 2012 23:25

Log cabin

We also have a log cabin client - she's a weight loss consultant and uses the cabin to store slimming goods for resale and also to meet clients.

One cannot be precise as it's not separately metered, but we claim all the elec. for the cabin plus any repairs or incidental costs - it's genuinely 100% business use. If it were used as as a summer house as well, then one would claim a proportion.

This is in addition to the usual 'business use of house' claim.

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