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Used vehicle trader software

Used vehicle trader software

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Good afternoon

We act for a small number of vat registered used car dealers. Their book keeping is somewhat............manual, incomplete, differing etc etc.

Can anyone recommend a suitably priced software programme that could handle the stock book requirements, vat calculations etc for a used car business, preferably with an accounts package? Although I understand they normally 'bolt on' to common accounts packages.

Thoughts along the lines of MTD here also.

Many thanks

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By lionofludesch
27th Feb 2018 15:04

I'd be surprised if you can find an MTD package at a reasonable cost.

Even HMRC say you might need to manually journal the money around.

Just one of many situations not easily covered for MTD. It's like HMRC started off with a business that just had invoiced input tax and invoiced output tax and then various people came along saying "Ah - but what about ....?" to which HMRC came up with the standard response "Oh, aye - we never thought of that!!"

Personally, I'd use whatever system you use now. Spreadsheet or whatever.

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